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Nkoranza is a town located in the Bono East Region of Ghana. Nkoranza is still in the news as far as the recent uproar or confusion between the residence and the police is concern. The youth and members of the town are demanding for justice as far as the death of Albert Donkor is concern. It is good to note that, Albert Donkor died at the age of 28 in police custody at Nkoranza in Bono East Region.

Twene Jonas reacting to the death of Albert Donkor, drop fresh update. Speaking live on facebook, Twene Jonas made it clear that, Albert Donkor is not a criminal or an armed robber. But he was killed by the police because he know some of the the police officers who are into armed robbery.

The police officers know Albert is not a criminal but they fear he will expose all their criminal activities. I saw how Albert Donkor was moving with some of the police officers. If the police who are to protect life’s are now kill us, how can we trust them. What is happening in Ghana Police Service will never occur in America.

Nobody will pay money before he or she will be recruited into the police service in America. Albert Donkor is innocent and justice must prevail. Albert Donkor is not a criminal; Ghana Police service must be held responsible for his death”. – Twene Jonas Stated.

Source: Education GH

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