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For the past few days, there has been an unconfirmed news circulating the general public to the effect that the professional development allowance of the Ghanaian beloved teachers who services are mostly revered would be deducted for the Coming month of November.

This according to such unconfirmed news, the purpose of such deduction is mainly for the purchase of modems for the teachers to aid in their tution researches to help liberate the public basic learners out of their learning difficulties.

This circulatory news came to the dissatisfaction of many people, especially, teachers across all board under the Ghana education service.

This according to some teachers, after the previous deduction of the allowance meant for the provision of laptops, some as it stands now hasn’t received.

It is on this grounds that the ministry of education, through a press conference on joy news source, cleared doubt on such unconfirmed news that, there has not been any arrangements so far to deduct this year’s allowance for the purchase of modems, and that teachers at the appointed time would receive their allowance in full.

Source: Operanews

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