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Ghana’s chief of staff claims the media is prejudiced. She claims media bias has caused many to blame the President for the present problem.

Frema Opare believes the media might have assisted by portraying a global perspective of the situation, avoiding Ghanaians from blaming the President for the suffering.

Ghanaians would have supported govt.

“I’d argue the media lacks education. Today, I watched Sky News and it’s not about the government raising petrol and food costs. It’s about the nation and why we’re there. Not because of bad policy. We’re a global community, thus everything affects us.

“Our country will be affected if fertilizer and crude prices double outside. How can British taxpayers assist Ghanaians buy gas at affordable prices? But I think we’re in a special case. Covid’s significance can’t be underestimated. “Covid has reduced productivity in several countries, affecting the entire world, including Ghana,” she said.

The Chief of Staff stated Ghana’s media should learn from the West.

“Media, take advantage. You want the government to react, but you should also share knowledge about what’s going on and how we can stand up.

Everyone should contribute to our cause. Other media should present facts and statistics, we agree. She advised “balance.”

As a reminder, Akosua Frema Osei-Opare (born 1948) is an astute development practitioner, an academic, and a Ghanaian politician.

She represented Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency in the Parliament of Ghana. She is the current and first female Chief of Staff of Ghana.

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