Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A greedy and wicked son has landed in the grips of the Ghana Police Service after he was nabbed for conniving with notorious armed robbers to rob his own father.

Speaking with the police during interrogations, the guy confessed that he was the one behind the robbery attack that was launched on his own father a couple of days ago.

He further asserted that he was given the bad and wicked idea by a friend whom he claims attends the same church as his in Nsawam.

As averred by Steven, he was low on cash hence during a conversation with his friend, he advised him to hire robbers to rob his father because he just returned from abroad, therefore, he has a lot of cash on him.

Unfortunately, the robbery was successful but he was later fingered as the mastermind behind the terrible act.

Watch the video below to know more…

don’t know what the world will turn into in the next 20 years because morality has been left to the dogs and everyone does what pleases him or her.

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