Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Haruna Iddrisu

Accusing the Minority leaders, they told that (Haruna Iddrisu) incited his bodyguards to attack a popular youth group in Tamale (Aluta boys), but for the intervention of Alhaji Fuzak, it would have been a serious blood bath.

NDC’s Coalition of Youth Groups in the Northern Region says the Minority leader and Member of Parliament for the Tamale South Constituency, Hon Haruna Iddrisu is the cause of attacks and divisions in the party.

According to them, all the happenings in the party follows the Minority leader agenda to silence some person’s and as well make John Dramani Mahama unpopular in the Northern. They alleged in a statement copied to Soireenews.

“Haruna Iddrisu the minority leader of Ghana’s parliament. Over the period, this gentleman has sought to instigate verbal and physical attacks on people who he feels are militating against his ambition to become the most powerful politician in the north and invariably president of the republic.

“A single citing like this will not be enough to recount the numerous violence he has sponsored through his assigns in the northern region since John Mahama became president and leader of the NDC”.

The group mentioned that the Minority leader through his assigns contracted some of them to attack and lynch some Regional executives of the party he felt are supporters of John Mahama.

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