Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

It’s a real heartbeat back to see a few things that are happening in this world, part of the amazing performances that others are doing. It’s awful to just imagine a mother slapping her young wife.

Saipan Martha is the name of a woman who says that her certified mother has been in illegal contact with her wife for 15 years. Just think, the man who bought her, the man who married her, the comparative woman who annulled the marriage.

She said her ex and her mother had an illegal relationship when she was in a relationship with her lover. When Martha tries to find out how she knows her mother’s opinion of her lover, she cries.

His mother, he said, contacted him one night to ask for help because Martha had followed him before.

Martha didn’t talk much about the situation but said she was no longer in her soul, separated from him as soon as she found out how she felt about her mother.

What is your interpretation of this story as a listener? What is your understanding of things? What is your interpretation of how a mother treats her children?


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