Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

There is heavy security presence at the National Collation Centre situated at the Electoral Commission in Accra.

Large police amour vehicles stuffed with ammunitions are on display while these security officers move around the premises fully armed.

This comes after the ongoing counting process at the various constituency collation centres across the country.

Meanwhile, results from these centres are currently being projected at the National Coalition Centre at the Electoral Commission headquarters.

In a related development, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has maintained that at the end of the collation of ballots, the party would still hold majority seats in parliament.

According to its general secretary, Mr. John Boadu, the party has swept regions that were formally controlled by the opposition National Democratic Congress.

“The NPP won 63 seats above what the NDC had in 2016 as such it is surprising that the NDC is insisting on flipped seats. But they do not mention the many seats they have flopped,” NPP’s General Secretary, John Boadu said in a press conference.

Reacting to NDC’s claims of bragging about unseating various NPP incumbents in the Parliamentary elections, the NPP listed several parliamentary seats the opposition party has lost to the NPP.

“The NDC has lost Damongo, they have lost Daboya, and Salaga North in the Savannah region. The NPP is now the majority party in John Mahama’s region, controlling four seats out of seven seats.

“The NDC also flopped in Lambussie, a seat we have won; that is in the Upper West Region. In the North East region, the NDC has also flopped, losing Yagaba Kubori to Mustapha Yussif. The NDC has flopped again in Yooyoo, losing the seat to Oscar Lawal of the NPP.

“The NDC also flopped in Chereponi losing the seat to Abdul Razak of the New Patriotic Party. In the Northern Region, the NDC has flopped to the point that like Savannah and North East, NPP now has majority seats in the Northern region.

“NDC has flopped and we have won Karaga for the first time, we have won Tatale, we have won Zabzugu, and we’ve won Zabzugu constituencies. We now control 3 regions out of the five regions in the north of the country.

“The NDC has also flopped in the Upper West Akim in the Eastern Region for the first time. The icing on the cake is the historic NDC flop in the Volta region. The New Patriotic Party is registering, for the first time a seat in the Volta Region in the Hohoe constituency. And as we speak now Hon. Peter John Amewu is the MP-elect for Hohoe constituency,” he indicated.


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