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Honourable Adwoa Sarfo Again:I Disagree With Her On These Comments-CHECK.

The NPP Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya Constituency, in the Greater Accra Region, Honorable Sarah Adwoa Safo is expected to appear before the Privileges Committee of Parliament, on Friday, May 27, to answer questions on her continues absence from Parliament without the Speaker’s permission.

A day before her scheduled appearance before the committee, Honorable Adwoa Safo has spoken, saying “…I have been invited. I have to be served. I am not aware of any such thing been given to me (invitation to appear before the privileges committee). I am just hearing it from you (from the interviewer”.

According to her, she has not abandoned the people in her constituency, and that, she would be returning to then; but “…my son is unwell, and has to transition to school, so I have to ensure, all that is settled before I can resume my duties… and that is exactly what I am doing”.

Honorable Safo added that, “I am staying focused and doing what I have to do as a mother. I want to be the best mum, “…my Ministry takes care of children [so] if I fail my family, I have failed my Ministry and I have failed the people of Ghana”.

Now…to the best of my understanding, Honorable Adwoa Safo’s comments means, her family first, before the People who voted her.

According to her, she places her family first, then her constituency and country last. But since time memorial, we have always be told; that Country First, then all other things last.

Country first, in this context means patriotism, sacrifice and service in all forms to your nation first.

In a simple term, when you present yourself to the people, and convince them to vote for you as their ‘father’ or ‘mother’ (Representative in parliament), or any other position, then you fall within the trap of country first, and not family first, as being explained by Adwoa Safo.

In this wise, i disagree with her comment, saying “I have been doing a lot to take care of my children which the law requires; and as you know here in the foreign land, I have to comply with whatever I am directed to do, and until all that is sorted out, I have to do what I have to do, and then I will return to my duties”.

In the first place, what concerns Adwoa Safo’s children education in foreign land, to the people in Ghana; specifically her constituency.

If the Honorable Dome Kwabenya MP says, she has to comply with the rules of a foreign land because of her son, then is it good to break her own country’s rules?

She broke her country’s rules, by abandoning the people in her Constituency, and also breaking the rules of Parliament?

It is now a law, for an MP, to educate his or her child abroad?

My question again is, do we break the laws in our own country, in order to comply with the laws in other countries?

Honorable Adwoa Safo Absented herself from Parliament for more than 15 days without permission, and that is against the laws of the land.

Source: Cornernewupdate

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