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Founder and leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministry
International, Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah has predicted and cautioned the
world of a possible World War III after COVID-19 if nations do not
speak-up against the quest for supremacy by some powerful countries.

According to Owusu Bempah, the battle for supremacy among some
powerful nations in the world will be the cause of the third world war,
as one country is already using a powerful weapon to accomplish its goal

In what he asserted to be a revelation from God, the prophet alleged
that China is using a biological weapon, which is the deadly novel
coronavirus, to destroy countries to rule and become the most powerful
nation in the world.

Prophet Owusu Bempah indicated that this is a battle of supremacy and
if countries are not careful, the virus will be a catalyst for so many

“This prophecy is serious and we don’t have to play with it. We
should understand that something is going on beyond what we are seeing.
This is the time we really have to pray and be careful because where
the world is going, we might enter the third world war if we don’t
become careful.”

According to Owusu Bempah, just like how God used Daniel to predict
the end times with signs and symbols, the same was done to him with
vivid accounts of what will happen in a few years to come.

“This was a world prophecy, not a specific nation. We have to pray so
that God lets his angels fight for us. In the bible, Daniel had a
revelation and saw animals, which was the symbol of nations. In Daniel’s
dream he saw a beast like a lion with eagle’s wings and he said that
was the Babylonian kingdom, he then saw a powerful bear and that was
‘Medeo percea’ he saw a leopard, which stood for the Greece kingdom and
then he finally he saw an animal with teeth like iron, stronger than all
the animals and that was the roman empire so sometimes God uses animals
to stand for the kingdom.

Explaining further, he said America represents an eagle while China
and the European Union represent a dragon and 12 stars respectively.

Giving a vivid account of the vision and explaining what the symbols
meant, Owusu Bempah said “I saw an eagle and I saw it surrounded with 12
stars and I saw a dragon. The dragon had many heads and he battled with
the eagle, a very difficult battle. The eagle was bleeding but it
shouted victory.

The dragon used its tail to destroy so many things but
it got wounded and started getting weak.

“If you look at America, their symbol is the eagle. Anytime you have a
world revelation and you see an eagle, it is US. And then when you look
at China their symbol is a dragon so God can use the dragon to stand
for China. When you look at the European Union, in their flag you can
see the twelve stars. And I saw an eagle with twelve stars battling with
the dragon.”

“Now the dragon uses its tail to destroy things and when you look at
this virus, scientists say it came from China. Now the eagle was wounded
and was bleeding if you look at this virus, it has affected the US more
than anyone else and the EU is angry. The world is at a standstill so
people are wondering where it came from,” he revealed.

He claimed that the trade wars going on between China and the US is
because the former wants to be extremely powerful than the latter, the
reason the Chinese government is using COVID-19 to destroy the economy of the US and other countries.

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