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Funny Face

Few hourz ago, Ghanaian comedian and actor, Funny Face disclosed in a post on his Instagram page how he was manhandled by the Police for firing warning shots in the air.

Well, a video circulating online showing how Funny Face was dragged by the police on his to buy medication proves that he was indeed manhandled.

The worst part is, he wasn’t arrested for killing or causing damage to any property but was arrested for firing warning shots in his quest to save his life during a little scuffle with some of his people at his Kasoa resident.

Funny enough, the same thing happened during the election period in 2020 when Hon. Hawa Koomson went to a polling station and fired several shots but got away with it because ” she is a politician”.

I may not be privy to the laws of Ghana but at least I know for a fact that you don’t arrest someone and manhandle him like he was a notorious criminal for firing warning shots.

Anyway watch the video of him being dragged away by the police and share your thoughts with us.

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