Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The story gets more interesting each and everyday as more information
drop. The beef. is not ending anytime soon and the more information
come, the more there are responses from either Obinim or friends of him.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapon this week revealed exposed some secrets about
Angel Obinim and how promiscuous he is. In the opening, he spoke of the
number of people he had slept with icluding the sister of the wife.
Then again., he spoke of the threats he had issued on the pastors whoo
had left his camp.

A close friend of the family of Angel Obinim granted an interview in
her quest to also bring out the truth. According to her, anything she
says is known in the church and though some of them are known to her
because of her closeness to the family.

A brief story was given about the one name mentioned in the audio
released by Kennedy Agyapong which was Saviour. According to the lady
too, Saviour was sleeping with ladies in the church and the man of God
out of love mandated him to marry or else he was going to sack him.

Before that incident too, she exposed some actions of the Saviour
which gave the expression of him being handled well in the church, how
he was funded by Obinim and how things evolved with him was surprising.

All in all, the lady almost defended and rebuffed all the accusations
and allegations by Kennedy Agyapong as she had responses for each
single one issued. What will come out of this and will that cause a halt
to the actions of Ken? Can we say Ken was not right these info? will follow with any update that comes.



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