Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Christianity is nowadays turning upside down and diverting from the olden way of worship you and I use to Know. This is because Christians now seeks in seeing miracles rather than to seek the word of God.
Due to the above-metioned reason, many so-called men of God have devised various ways in executing their miracles and most of these ways are cruel and not accepted by the norms of this country.
Some Pictures have popped up on social media and it has edged us to call on Christians to wake up and realize these ways of some fake men of God. The picture captures members of a church stripping down as they were ordered by their pastor to do so.
Reports indicated that the pastor instructed the church members(both male and female members) to strip in order for the holy spirit to penetrate through them easily and they stupidly obeyed.
the pastor could be seen stepping on some of the members lying on the ground in the pictures.
The photos after it hit social media have amassed varied opinions with a section of netizens lambasting the pastor for misleading his members.
Others also blasted the church members for foolishly adhering to such ridiculous instruction.
see the pictures below and share your thoughts:

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