Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Avram Ben Moshe directed some insults on the pastors who were invited
by the President to help pray to avert the negativities attached to the
pandemic. What he calls as useless actions from the men of God and also

He spoke against their intention and further the directions they must
do to help and not to opt and pray to curb the menace. What he expected
from them was to donate in their quest to help the situation and not to

Rev. Bempah has taken up what he calls as the mantle to fight for
believers and also Preachers in the country. Rev. considers this
attitude as uncalled for and strongly does not stand in for such hideous

“Avram should get his coffin and be ready to off and I promise to
cause an end to him. We must stand in the gap and fight such people and
the most annoying part of his action is to insult Jesus Christ. You must
never insult our Savior and I am ready to go all out with him” he said.

Then again, Rev. Bempah dared him to come face to face and he is willing to prove the existence of God.


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