Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

1. Log onto your your personnel dashboard. By entering your dashboard email address and password

Click on the icon at the top right corner of the dashboard you see options

  1. Dashboard
    2 Book Appointment
    3Your appointment
    4Your Allowance
    5 Reset password
    6 Logout
    Option 2 The available date and time would be suggested. You then choose from the option which time you prefer and date.

● Return back to your Nss personnel dashboard to book an appointment for the regional registration before you Report back to the NSS Regional Office/ registration centre ( of the region to which you’ve been posted) at the given date with your endorsed letters for verification and endorsement by the NSS Regional Director. Note that some regional offices like those of Greater Accra and Ashanti have been decentralised, and personnel are thus to report to their given zones or district. The earlier done, the better, as there may be long queues which may result in you being delayed by a day or two.

2. You then go to the Nss Regional office on the Appointment date make sure you go with the signed appointment letter, school I’d and National I’d card you used during the online registration.

3. After your regional registration you would be given a regional acceptance number (RAN).

4. If you have any mistake to correct with your name, course, and date of birth you draw the officials attention to take the details on that and be corrected before your Nss certificate is released.

5. Make three copies of the endorsed letter with the (RAN) given to you submit one to the district office, one to the organization you are posted and keep one.

6. Ask the official when you can come for the biometric registration Picture and finger print taken they would alert you on when it begins

Once this process has been completed, you are required to return to your User Agency to begin your national service in October.

  1. Note that once the service starts, you will be required to submit a “Duty Reporting Form” that has been endorsed by your supervisor at your place of posting, to the NSS District Office before the 15th of every month. This is to facilitate the processing of your allowance and serve as a way to obtain information about your performance at the workplace.

●An assessment form commented on and signed by you, will be completed by your employer and forwarded to the Regional Coordinator by the end of the month of May, and you will be issued a “Certificate of National Service” after the successful completion of your service.

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