Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The sad news which involved the killing of an innocent citizen at Nkoranza, Albert Donker has shaken up Ghanaians across all social media platforms. Without a doubt, Ghanaians are demanding for a swift and concrete investigations into the case. Nevertheless, during today’s bite on Johnnie Hughes’s show, Johnnie’s bite, he made an emphatic statement concerning the killing of Albert Donker and other related incident or cases.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the lack of the system’s ability to punish offenders for wrong doing is what is instigating that confidence there. As boldly revealed by him, it does appear or he is certain that the state is sponsoring the killing of innocent citizens. In his overwhelming message, indicating that it does appears the State is sponsoring the killing of innocent citizens, he admonished Ghanaians to agree or to disagree with him because that is the beauty of democracy.

Source:Credible newsroom

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