Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The outspoken managing editor of the Inside Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, has boldly spewed the truth to the leadership of the National Democratic Congress and the Minority. Of course, several grassroots members of the National Democratic Congress have lamented on the inefficiencies of their representatives at Parliament in stopping the government or resisting the government as they have promised.

Speaking on the Newspaper Review show of Pan African TV, Kwesi Pratt boldly declared indirectly that the current opposition and minority is the weakest in the fourth republic. According to him, the government will continually impose more hardship on the people of Ghana because they know that the minority is very weak to challenge them. Kwesi Pratt explained that if the current minority and opposition NDC had the same attitude of the organizers of the Kumi Preko demonstration, the government will be forced to remove the e-levy completely. He lamented at how the minority partly jubilated about the ruling of the Supreme Court on the injunction application case that the GRA should keep the records of all deductions. Kwesi Pratt said that was senseless and a clear sign of weakness.

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