Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The managing editor of the Inside Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has given Ghanaians more reason to blame the ruling New Patriotic Party for the decision of Oliver Barker Vorwamor to seek permission from the Ghana Police Service to stage an armed demonstration. Kwesi Pratt revealed that Oliver Barker and his people were taking clues from the NPPs Invisible Force who said in previous years when the NPP was in opposition that they do not trust the Ghana Police Service. Thus, they wanted a private security.

Kwesi Pratt, on that basis partly blamed the NPP for setting the precedence which the Fix The Country Movement wants to follow. He later told the Movement and Oliver Barker specifically that he had goofed big time. He referred Ghanaians to the Kumi Preko demonstration. Kwesi Pratt explained that even though Nana Addo was the spokesperson of the Kumi Preko demonstration movement, he, Nana Addo, had no right to singlehandedly write a letter. All what he could do was to read what the team had strategically written.

Source:Gentle Blogger

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