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Loud Silence Media CEO, Kevin Taylor has dropped another revelation to Ghanaians concerning an upcoming event in Canada.

According to Kevin Taylor, he has been told that the President will visit Canada on 25th May, 2022. According to Kevin Taylor, something is likely to happen if the President visits the country because he is visiting the country of Serwaa Broni.

Kevin Taylor however did not reveal what the President will be doing in Canada but he is certainly not going because of Serwaa Broni. Kevin Taylor added that Ghanaians should keep the date in mind because the president will be visiting the country of his alleged side chick.

“I have been told that the president will visit Canada once again. Nana travels these days without telling Ghanaians. I heard he will go on 25th May, 2022. Ghanaians know that Canada is the city of Serwaa Broni so something will happen” he said.

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Source: Loudsilencemedia

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