Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

We live in a world where information is as important as our breath of life. Many people have lost their dreams, changed of careers, misinformed about programmes and made scared of some courses they could tackle easily. All because of misinformation, lack of mentorship and wrong perceptions. This programme is geared towards furnishing students with the right information on the undisputable choices that have clear impacts on their future. Students often ask these questions

  1. Do I know my dreams yet?
  2. What do I do after school?
  3. What programme or course should read to link my career?
  4. Which university should I attend?

Join us as we answer these questions chronologically using the link

Or contact 0541848553 for more info

Targeted group: SHS students and leavers
Platform: WhatsApp/Zoom

OCCLUDED’s EDUHUB, What Can I do as the First Ghanaian?,,,
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