Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Nana Yaa Brefo, a well-known Ghanaian journalist, has opened up for the first time about her decision to leave Despite Media after a ten-year tenure.

The network hired Nana Yaa Brefo as a presenter when she was due to graduate from the Ghana Institute of Journalism in 2002.

Nana yaa Brefo said in an interview that when she first started working with them, she did a good job of keeping her end of the bargain by working hard. However, she left because her chief editor once spoke to her in a way that made her feel humiliated.

It was revealed that the chief editor had scolded her in front of all of her employees for a trivial and unjustifiable reason; as a result, Nana Yaa Brefo resigned from her position even though she had no prospect of finding a new one.

Even though her decision was made hastily, it later helped her land a better position at another media house, which had higher perks at the time, Nana Yaa said.

For more, watch the interview she gave below.

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