Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Ghanaian hip life artiste, Dennis Nana Dwamena commonly known as Kidi
in the entertainment world has stated emphatically that, he is
uncertain if he ever marries a lady who has a child.

Kidi said this during an interview with a Cape coast based radio
station. The musician reiterated that, he will only tie the knot with
someone who has a child if the connection between them is healthy.

“All these things it’s not white and black. Sometimes you can meet
someone that you have a good connection with, you spend time together
and you feel that is the person you probably want to end up with”. He

The musician who already has a child was asked if he kept his child away
from the public for the fear of being kidnapped in an exchange of a
huge ransom, Kidi replied that, Ghana is a safe country and the issue of
kidnapping rarely happens.

“It’s just a matter of me feeling that I chose this life. I prefer to
shield my child from all the media scrutiny that’s why I have kept him
away from the public. I don’t want him to have to suffer the same way I
have”. He averred.

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