Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The general secretary for the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia has once again reiterated his decision to contest for a ‘bigger’ position in the NDC.

Speaking on Radio Gold this afternoon, Asiedu Nketia revealed that there is no rightful owner for a particular position in the NDC. According to him, some people are saying that the general secretary position is solely for Johnson Asiedu Nketia. He believes that such sayings are untrue because everyone has the right to pick up forms for any position in the party.

According to him, he can go in for the position of an organizer, a chairman or even a flag bearer because the position is not dedicated solely to one person.

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During the same conversation, Asiedu Nketia revealed that he won’t contest for the position of general secretary again. He added that he will either retire or go for the chairmanship position. He has served in his current position for 17 years and he believes that it is time to change ‘gears’.

Source: Operanews

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