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Johnnie Hughes has once again sent a strong message to a government appointee on some work that needs to be done to save the country. On Johnnie’s Bite today, Monday, May 30, 2022, Johnnie called on the Special Prosecutor to take up some 2 cases which have been abandoned or overlooked. Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor recently took up the case of Achimota lands found in the will of the late Sir John.

Many have however said that the case is light and that was why he took up that case because in the end the main suspect might be dead. Johnnie has called on Mr. Agyebeng to pick up the case of Kennedy Agyapong’s revelation that he was given over 100,000 to be given to Adwoa Safo, the MP and Minister who has been missing from Parliament months now. Johnnie noted that this case shouldn’t be left to go.

Again Johnnie called for investigations into how Covid-19 funds were spent. The Minority in Parliament have some time called for investigations into this but nothing has so far come out. According to Johnnie based on a recent revelation from an NPP Second Vice of the NPP in the Northern Region. Felicia Tettey had mentioned how some Covid-19 monies were given to her and some other regional executives.

Johnnie averred that a thorough inquiry needs to be conducted regarding these 2 cases because monies have been lost in dubious means and it is time the Special Prosecutor takes up the big cases. Jonnie explained that NABCo, National Service personnel and others have been abandoned only for monies to be thrown elsewhere.

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