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Is There The Need For Religious Believers To Protect Themselves Against Covid-19?

Prior to the heavens sending down the prophetess Maame Sarah as the spiritual guide to the Goka people, Goka had a deity called Tamom, that was much consulted in all affairs by all people within and outside Goka.

One of these faithfuls who consulted this powerful Tamom was a young man who had travelled from a far away land to work as a labourer in Goka.

He told the priest of the deity to intercede on his behalf to be inoculated against the venom of the poisonous snakes who threaten the progress of his work when he picks his machete for weeding.

The labourer was assured of that no snake can do him harm by biting, and even if bitten, the concoction he’d been given to apply on his body would render the serpent’s venom powerless.

True to the word, the labourer could clear a lair of snakes without a shred of fear in him. He killed those snakes who never fled from his presence but mounted any challenge.

Word reached every corner in Goka about the powers of this labourer if it came to battling snakes. Where people saw snakes, they came to call him. Some he’ll not bludgeon to death or cut into pieces, but he could make fun of these venomous serpents by picking them up in his hands with life in them. When those who feared the presence of snakes ran away, it was sure to pass for a mirth for him, and he boasted of his achievement.

One day was not a lucky one for this showman labourer who now relishes his hunting of snakes higher than the labourer work for which he’d travelled to Goka. Some kids saw a cobra half stuck in a hole. They with haste fetched the labourer to add this snake to his trophies of serpents’ heads.

This time, he’d not done the killing in earnest and dragged the snake from the trapped hole. He laid prostrated in front of this fearful spitting venomous threatened redthroat snake.

What he was not told by the priest of the deity of Tamom was that, the cobras when threatened could spit a corrosive saliva into the eyes of their predator as far as two meters away.

The labourer had a succession of doses of these secreted venoms from the fangs of the cobra. He went blind. His labourer work came to an abrupt end. He turned into begging for alms sitting by the roadside everyday.

Today, there’s a threatening pandemic disease, coronavirus covid-19, in the streets of Ghana, Africa and the world over. The experts announce the ready known medicines against these lethal virus is wearing nosemasks, social distancing, regular washing of hands and usage of hand sanitizers.

But behaving like the now blind  labourer who didn’t know the whole truth about the attacks of snakes, some self assured faithfuls are parading the streets without any care for the protective measures, claiming their fortifications in their religious beliefs.

Some, forgetting that the human body, not the edifice erected to accommodate thousands of people, is the temple of God, are agitating to be allowed to congregate and pray to their God against the covid-19. They see no need for  gates of temples to be closed to congregants in this crisis time.

Yes, there’s a powerful God that the faithfuls of the *One Ghana Movement (1GhM)* I lead is recommended for. This same God is a giver of wisdom to the scientists who are now assigned with the mandate to battle this threatening global pandemic. We either abide by their instructions amidst praying to our God, or be added to the chapters of those washed away by the currents of  Covid-19 when the history of our world is rewritten Post the pandemic.

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Stay safe!

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)

The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (1GhM)

Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111


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