Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeremiah Quayson and his best friend Dr. Maureen Delali Brese is set to feed the street on 25th April this year as part of their birthday celebration; this comes up as gratitude to God for adding another year to their age and want to celebrate the day on the street, it turns out that Mr. Quayson usually does this charity privately with his personal doctor and friend Dr. sika Maureen.

Mr. Quayson and his friend Dr. Sika Maureen said they are moved whenever they see children on the street because they know how it feels to be on the street as a kid.
To them, there is no better place to celebrate their birthday than to go out and celebrate it with the kids on the streets of Accra.

As Christians, they believe it is part of their religious duty to care for the needy and less privileged in society.
This is one of the things they will be doing to help the kids on the street; they believe with the Almighty’s help, they will be able to do more for the kids.

Dr. Maureen is a doctor by profession and works in a family hospital.
Jeremiah Quayson is the Group CEO of Qulead Group Africa; after successfully climbing through the ladder of business; he has now opened up his own businesses.

We want to thank our donors and partners, Bel Aqua and One Yogo, for the support.

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