Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Mrs. Victoria Agbotui former President Jerry John Rawlings biologial mother is reported dead at the age of 101 years.

Mrs. Victoria Agbotui was born on September 9, 1914 in Dzelukpe; Keta in Ghana.

She married a Scottish man, called James Ramsey John and hr only child Jerry John Rawlings. has listed names of all her grandchildren in this post for your knowing.

1. Zanetoo Agyemang-Rawlings.

Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings

Honorable Zanetor Agyemang Rawlings is the first child of Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, and so, it makes her the elders grandchild of Mr. Victoria Abgotui. She followed his father ‘s career path and became a politician. She is currently the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey Korle Constituency on the ticket of her father’s founded party National Democratic Congress (NDC)

2. Kimathi Rawlings

Kimathi Rawlings

Named after Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi. He is the last born of Jerry Rawlings. He has also has two certificates from MDT International: 1. An introduction to Oil and Gas production and 2. Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry.Kimathi lives in London and works as a Commercial and Portfolio advisor at Eni, a multinational Oil and Gas company.

3. Amina Rawling

Amina Rawlings

Amina Rawlings is the third born of former head of state and president of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings and the third Grandchild of Vitoria Agbotui. Again the third granddaughter as well. She is a lawyer who specializes in Public International Law, Commercial Law, Energy and Natural Resources. also a member of the International Bar Association, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, AIPN, UK Energy Lawyers Group, LCLCBA and Scottish Oil Club.

4. Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings

Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings

Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings is the second daughter of former Rawlings, therefore, the second grandchild and grandauter of Victoria Abgotui. She had her Masters’ degree at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts and graduating with M.A in International Communication & International Relations. She currently works at her father’s office as a Business Affairs Executive.


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