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The minority side in parliament has indicated that it will not approve any further loan agreement by the government of Ghana in Parliament.

According to the minority, the approval of further loans will worsen the debt situation in the country.

Member of Parliament for Asuogyaman Constituency Thomas Nyarko Ampem said in an interview that “Government of Ghana has brought a loan agreement for us to approve and three different loans agreement. One for two hundred million dollars and two each for one hundred and fifty million dollars. We have taken a very simple decision that looking at our debt situation we are unable to support further approvals for further loans because believe that if you are in a hole you don’t continue to dig further.”

He added that the minority is waiting for the Minister of Finance to give a clear path that government has taken to ensure the country is out of the current debt situation otherwise the minority will not support any additional loans.

Source: Operanews

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