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Two towns have been allegedly locked in sporadic fights for sometime now. The misunderstanding reached a tipping point three days ago, when a group of irate youth set up a barrier on the road between Aboaso and Heman, in the Ashanti region.

The barrier was raised on a curve, in a quiet forest area.

What happened?

Somewhere around 9:30pm in the night, a 40 year old man called Sadik, who was returning from a funeral on foot, run into the lurking group, who lynched him, upon discovering that he is from Heman.

By the time, some people came to the scene, Sadik had lost consciousness. News of the incident caused outrage among the youth in Heman, as they marched to the barrier with machetes.

The group from Aboaso took to their heels when they saw the angry Heman youth marching towards them.

Sadik died at the hospital.

Police were able to arrest one of the gang, an 18 year old who was part of the group who set the barrier.

Police investigations are still ongoing.


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