Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The ruling New Patriotic Party (N. P. P) opened nominations for interested candidates to file and contest for various positions at the party’s regional level. In this article, there are certain key points that I will highlight that voters must take a key look at before choosing their regional executives if only they want still remain in power.

First and foremost, the N. P. P members must look for and elect a unifier. In my view, lack of unity on the part of the party members and executives nearly cost them in the 2020 elections. Party executives looked for their own parochial interest at the expense of the party. This time around, members should do a diligent search for someone who can unite rank and file of party.

Secondly, the N .P. P members should vote for someone who is trustworthy. Members should vote for an executive who has the party at his dear heart and will not be influenced by any form of corruption or bribe to betray the party.

Also, the executive must be a good communicator who can project the good works of H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo . He should be capable of convincing floating voters and some shaky N.D.C sympathizers to vote for the party in the 2024 elections. The voters should resist any attempt to be influenced with money so as to make the right choice for the party.

To conclude, I hope if these measures taking from this election to the national level, it will build a formidable team for the ruling party in upcoming 2024 elections.


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