Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

The food and drugs authority has warned Ghanaians to desist from consuming one of the flavors of the popular noodles in the country. Indomie instant noodles chucked flavor with a phrase “ladha ya kuku” as it is not verified and approved to be consumed or to be on the market for sale.

It is believed that, this particular flavor or type has been banned in several countries who conducted several test and noticed a high amount of aflatoxins and pesticides in its contents making it very poisonous for consumption.

It is also believed that, that particular brand has not been registered with any known or recognized food and drugs authority anywhere in any countries and must be totally avoided.

The only indomie instant noodles on the market is produced locally and goes through a series of tests before it is brought onto the market for sale and consumption. In case of scarcity, Ghana only imports this noodles from neighboring Nigeria and it is also subject to a series of test to ascertain it’s legitimacy in order to save lives.

The food and drugs authority had therefore urged anyone in possession of any of this particular brand of noodles to immediately dispose them off and alert their wholesalers and retailers of its dangers.


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