Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Gospel singer Empress Gifty has been crying on Instagram Live like a wounded animal and the reason for that is apparently related to her husband.

NPP attack dog Hopeson Adorye has apparently gone MIA (missing in action) for several days, sending his wife into a hot rage.

Gifty has been ranting and raving on Instagram for over a day now, claiming someone is testing her and she is ready for the battle because God is behind her.

She initially released a post threatening ‘vawulence’

You will experience what I have experienced. You will feel the pain I have felt. Your generations will witness your harm…2024 shall surely come!” she blasted.

After that, she released a live video in which she made bold threats against the person disturbing her life and warned that no one should call her to tell her to calm down.

“No hypocrite should take their phone and text or call me…when I speak, God listens.

“Why are you doing this to me, what have I done to you people?” she said amidst tears.

Gifty’s painful and tear-filled rant was vague until Tiktok star Linda Osei jumped in.

According to her, Hopeson Adorye, Gifty’s husband, was arrested by National Security on the same day Captain Smart was arrested.

She claims that’s why Gifty is distraught and ranting like an aminal all over the web.

Considering Empress mentioned 2024 in her post, it’s clear whatever is happening has political undertones, meaning her husband is definitely involved.

Listen to Gifty and Linda Osei in the video below…

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