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The management of the Ghana Education Service in collaboration with the three major teacher unions (Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT, National Association of Graduate Teachers NAGRAT, and the Coalition of Concern Teachers Ghana CCTGH) have started the distribution of laptops to primary school teachers in some regions in the country.

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Official information sighted has revealed a list that has been published by some Ghana Education Service Regional Directors of Education containing names of the primary school staff. Teachers are to confirm their names for the one teacher one laptop distribution.

Recently, some teachers threatened to demonstrate against the three major teacher unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers, National Association of Graduate Teachers, and the Coalition of Concern Teachers Ghana for failure to keep their promise of giving teachers their laptops in February 2022.

According to the Ashanti Regional Education Directorate, the distribution of the laptops to JHS teachers in the region has ended successfully. Therefore, KG and Primary teachers are to confirm their names for onward distribution to them.

Below are some of the list of the Region’s primary school teachers’ names. Primary school teachers are advised to confirm their names in the list below, if your name is not on the list, kindly contact your office for assistance.

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NB. KG and Primary school teachers in Ashanti Region should check on their various district Whatsapp platforms to confirm their names for the distribution.

Click the link below to check the list:


Source: Operanews

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