Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Prof Gyampo

Social Media activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party popularly known as Pythagoras Theorem has clapped back at Political Science Lecturer and the General Secretary for UG UTAG Prof Ransford Gyampo who earlier described leaders in Ghana as thieves.

According Pythagoras, whereas Prof Gyampo accuses government of all sorts of ills, he himself has been allegedly sleeping with female students giving them “violent kisses” and when caught, he escapes using technicalities.

Prof Gyampo had posted that public officials who are stealing from the state and escaping justice using technicalities have a problem with lecturers demanding their due.

“U steal from the nation and escape jail using technicalities. But when teachers strike, u threaten to jail them. We are prepared to go to jail for fighting for better Conditions of Service. Let the conscience of the nation be awaken,” he said in a post shared on social media.

But Pythagoras Theorem quickly reacted:

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