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Gob3 is a Ghanaian food made of Gari and Beans, and therefore the name gob3 is a combination of gari and beans.

Gari and Beans is considered to be the most nutritious food in Ghana. The food is popular on social media platforms.

The food recently took over the internet after Sam George, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, mentioned it in an interview. According to the Member of Parliament, many of the youth can no longer afford three square meals daily due to the current economic hardship.

Hon. Sam George continued that many people have resorted to eating gob3 as their only meal for a day, a situation he described as a cynical way. He said the youth have developed a tactical way of eating. That is ‘0-1-0’.

Explaining his point, he started that people are not able to afford to eat in the morning, afternoon, and evening. So they eat gob3 only in the afternoon with plenty of gari and drink more water which sustains them till the next day.

Things are going up in the Ghanaian market as gob3 sellers have decided to also increase the price of gob3.

A photo of a gob3 joint serving notice to customers has gone viral on social media. The writings say the price of gob3 will be increased from Ghc3 coming Monday, September 26, 2022.

Check the photo below;

Source: Operanews

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