Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

By closing its case the Prosecution has presented all of its evidence against the accused persons before the Court and urged the Court to find them guilty of knowingly killing the military officer.


This was more so because the trial Judge, Her Ladyship Mariama Owusu who sits on the case as an additional High Court Judge, had also been empanelled to hear the election petition case.

Lawyers for the 14 accused persons in Court on Monday, May 16, 2022, disclosed that they would be making a submission of no case on the matter.

By this, the lawyers will be telling the Court that the prosecution has not convincingly shown that the 14 people currently before the Court are the ones who killed the army officer.

Based on that, they will be asking the Court to dismiss the charges against the 14 people.

The High Court has thus given lawyers for the fourteen accused persons up to two weeks to file the said submission.

The parties will thus return to Court on Monday, May 30, for the Court to allocate the prosecution time to respond to the submission of no case.

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