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The Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah has again detailed events of Ghana’ s 2024 presidential elections in the spiritual realm.

The man of God had earlier indicated to his church members that he had been elevated spiritually from making election predictions to anointing the one who becomes the president of the nation.

Rev Owusu Bempah detailed how he was taken into the spiritual realm to annoint one of three persons as the president of the country.

He gave this detailed account while speaking to his congregation on Friday, 6th May 2022.

He said in the spiritual realm he encountered two angels of God retrieving an image from a bronze box; then he saw three figures fighting to become the next president of the country; a man with human head and a crystal figure and another angle through which the powerful man spoke.

He said he saw also some other figures including a famous journalist whom he refused to mention their name.

Continued to say that in the realm he was given a golden key by the powerful figure who was shining in fire to be delivered to one of the three candidates and he he obeyed as he was directed but said the journalist asked if he was going to do as he was commanded.

” When I watched my time, it was some few minutes to 3 am and I had a communication with God and I had a clear understanding of the vision but you do not understand. It concerns Ghana’ s election in 2024. I keep saying things casually in this manner, I said the same thing in 2016 and I was ridiculed, insulted, and vilified for it. But we all know it happened. So what I want to say to those interested in Ghana’ s presidency is that they should get close to God. Whoever gives his heart to God, love him and his nation will be put at the helm of affairs in this country, ” he explained his vision.

Source:True Story

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