Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah

Author and General Manager of Parliament Church Worldwide (PCI), Witness Francis Amoako Attah has prompted women/ladies to pay special attention to the main insider facts keys in men prior to saying I Truly do in this period of Adoration.

As per him, the Man’s Development, Monetary Security, His Profound Administration and particularly His regard for his Folks and for Ladies is vital in settling with the perfect man.

Messenger Francis Amoako Attah was talking on Angel Fm’s Anopa Bofo program earlier today where the conversation fixated on Valentine and the genuine importance of Affection.

He affirmed that it is significant for all, particularly ladies/women to comprehend that after Valentine which is only a day’s festival, life proceeds and that we should figure out how to cherish ourselves more to assemble the sort of satisfying life we need for ourselves.

“It is great to find out with regards to adore. Look numerous relationships have issues due to Online media. Individuals counterfeit a ton of things via Online media and uninformed individuals take these things individual. This goes down to obliterate our connections.”

Missionary Francis Amoako Attah demonstrated that “to communicate love, simply say I LOVE YOU,” adding that on account of Online media, women have fostered the Delilah soul to drive men to maintain love for them.

He clarified that God is Love and God is Man; consequently the shortcoming of God is Love.

“In the Hebrew Scriptures Love was the law and order, however in the New Confirmation Love is anything but a subject, LOVE is a relationship and its name is Jesus. In the New Confirmation God isn’t compelling man to cherish, He comes down to Adore us, dissimilar to the Hebrew Scriptures where we were constrained under the law to Cherish,” he said.

As per him, Love doesn’t make relationship work since you were once Infatuated yet something more impressive more than adoration happened upon it and isolated it.

He additionally clarified that Adoration is Life, Comply, Voice and Life and that whenever we play with Affection, we are managing and playing with our life.

Messenger Francis Amoako Attah likewise referenced that Valentine is the season when we say specific words that individuals don’t comprehend and a great many people get cozy in the period of Adoration without knowing its suggestions.

He said; “Closeness is seeing into me.”

He said one can adore a particular vehicle without knowing how to drive it. “You can respect the vehicle yet when it is given to you, you can’t drive this is on the grounds that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to drive. Indeed, that is the justification for why we want to comprehend that Adoration isn’t about sentiments; it doesn’t have anything to do with sentiments.”

He went on further to say that each obvious man needn’t bother with Affection.

What a man needs, he focused, is Regard.

“The shortcoming of God is Love,” he focused and kept up with that Adoration is definitely not a game for the armature, and sex isn’t the game for youngsters subsequently kids should be kept from watching Online media recordings which depicts Love since they’re not sure what they see.

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