Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Speaking on his show, Kevin Taylor exposed Captain Smart and urged the National Security Minister to do the needful and arrest Captain Smart.

According to Kevin Taylor, Captain Smart took some amount of money from one businessman. He added that the National Security Minister knows of this information and has asked his boys to investigate Captain Smart. According to Kevin Taylor, Captain Smart has revealed that Mr. Albert Kan Dapaah is hunting him. He added that most members of the NPP knows what Captain Smart did and he will be arrested soon if Captain Smart does not take care.

“Captain told us that he went to Dubai to find John Mahama’s alleged hotel. It turned out to be that Mahama had no hotel in Dubai. Captain Smart didn’t speak about it. As a journalist, after finding out that it was a lie, you still campaigned for Akuffo Addo on TV.”

You have taken monies from a businessman and the Albert Kan Dapaah wants people to testify against you but you are telling him that he is hunting you. He will jail you. Albert Kan Dapaah will jail you. NPP will hang this thing on your neck till they live power” he said.

Click here to watch the video.

Source: Loudsilencemedia

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