Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Formerly, before today, yesterday included, I would have placed Honourable before your name. But not today as I write this to you.

You no more deserve the Honourable accolade Ghanaian politicians are pampered with. Yes, and I’m saying this with mixed emotions as in hatred for your persona, and cursing my stars for admiring you in the first place. The very character I’d admired to idolatry not long ago.

Do enquire from friends who do know me very well, you were my reference point if I was to talk about serious politicians who worthed their sort and deserved my respect in the Ghanaian political arena, though I choose not to be a cadre of any political party.
Because of you, Kennedy Agyapong, I’d on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings stayed glued to my radio set just because you might appear on the Oman FM’s Boiling Point programme, hosted on your own platform, your media outfit.

You always said it big, and I applauded it when you came after the enemies of the state, being they serving in government, entertainment, or at the temples of the acclaimed saints in cassocks, the latter day prophets. Your word sounded to me an sacrosanct, and you taking on the Judiciary this time, I’d had a good air about me, saying: ‘yeah, there we go again, Ken is at it, this judge should be at fault, he should be hanged, Akomprɛko (as Kennedy Agyapong is popularly) never said what’s not the holy truth, he’s never wrong’.

But no, you’ve proved me wrong this time. You were hollow, a loud sounding metal that played discorded melody to disturb a peaceful ear this time. Because I’ve woke up this morning (15/9/2020) to learn that you’re jumping from one media station to the other rendering an unconditional and unqualified apology to the Honourable Judge you took to the cleaners.

What is it that you’re afraid of? Imprisonment or disaffection for your brand, and by that too, your political fortunes, that to present yourself to the court and justify your claims you will apologise?

You see, Ken, you’re now in my books compared to the Black Rasta who hosted the Taxi Driver show on Hitz FM in Accra. He was loud, said it as it was, and his show I never missed it. He also lost an admirer in me when he appeared sobered and apologetic before the Parliament’s Disciplinary Committee after he was summoned to justify it why he called the Honourable Members “Wee Smokers” (marijuana /cannabis smokers).
When he literally begged for his freedom from the MP’s by retracting his words, I said to close associates that such feckless characters don’t deserve my attention and respect anymore. The next time I heard about him was when a friend called to inform me that he’s been sacked from the Radio Station (Hitz FM) and now he’s with NAM 1’s Xylophone media. I’d not bothered to check for its factuality though, I need not, not worthy of my precious time.

I hate people who on the hindsight apologise to their deeds, and pick back to swallow their spittle.

So, Kennedy, does it mean if the prophets you’ve been castigating on your show, if they were to be in positions with the power as do the Judiciary, to force you to their courts to justify your acerbic tongue- lashing and mudslinging of their characters, you would have apologised and begged for your freedom as it’s in this case?

Akomprɛko, you don’t have balls. You’re not a worthy mentor for me anymore. You would have still be mentoring me if you’d stood by your word and suffered prison terms for it if the wrongs you claimed the judge committed was the truth of it and would stem the sinking into abyss of our Republic.

But no, apologising to him means you’re a mere chauvinistic, a verbal diarrheal populist with an itching tongue, who ride on the backs of other’s hard earned noble character to achieve your inordinate goals.

Ghana cannot continue on this reckless path if we’re indeed marching to the promised land when people can mount a platform to assassinate people’s noble character without proof to it with impunity.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. That’s what men do.

Long live the Republic !!!!!!

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord )
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)
Contact: +233249542111

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