Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

A top journalist with Multimedia, Kojo Yankson, has “spoken his mind” to the Finance Minister today on live air. Kojo Yankson stated boldly that the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, has proven that he is unintelligent and as such, cannot handle the ministry he is currently leading.

The one thing my son does which upsets me the most is if he shows that he did not learn from a previous mistake. So if he does something and it goes badly and then he does it again. It really incenses me. The reason why it incenses me is, that that is the first sign of unintelligence; When you do not learn from your mistakes”, Kojo Yankson explained.

He tried to link that illustration with how the Finance Minister is trying to bring back the Agyapa deal. Kojo Yankson said that what is happening is a recurrence of the fact that our Ghanaian leaders are very weak. He explained that with the Agyapa deal, the government is trying to underestimate the mineral resources.

Source: Gentle Blogger

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