Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Agradaa has descended on Kwame Despite for the ‘crimes’ of some workers of his radio stations.

Evangelist Mama Pat alias Agradaa has attacked Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, the owner of Despite Media for the actions of some workers of his media house.

In a Facebook rant, Agradaa accused congress Abeiku Santana of Okay Fm for teaming up with her former partner Big Akwes and Prophet Owusu Bempah to disgrace her when she appeared for an interview on Tuesday.

She also talked about how Ola Michael of Neat Fm, another Despite Media brought Naana Brown to disgrace her.

Strangely Agradaa left these Despite Media workers to attack the owner himself.

She said instead of the Fm stations making her a topic for frauding people, they should channel their energy on their owner who according to her is into ritual money.

According to Agradaa, Dr Osei Kwame Despite’s source of wealth is a ritual money which has made his testicles rotten.

Agradaa says Despite’s money comes from his rotten testicles so his employers on his radio stations should talk about it and stop using their energy on her.

She always blasted them for criticizing pastors for flaunting wealth because their boss himself flaunts his wealth to the extent that his son flaunted his cars during his wedding.

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