Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Rev Obofour has finally woken from his slumber and clapped back at Nana Agradaa over her serious allegations.

The fetish priest turned evangelist threw dirty shots at Obofour and his wife, Bofowaa, in a fiery video.

As we reported, Agradaa laid some serious allegations at the feet of Obofour.

She claimed that the ‘man of God’ does not deserve his title because his actions are very sinful.

Agradaa alleged that Obofour has discarded his wife and now sleeps with her sister.

She threw massive bombs at Obofour in her angry rant, even going so far as to allege he sleeps with other men.

Obofour has remained mute on all these allegations whilst his wife threw out a very weak response.

Now, the pastor is ready to fire back and has done so.

Sharing a video, he rained insults on Agradaa and said she’s a useless being who doesn’t even deserve his time.

Watch Obofour’s response to Agradaa’s bomb below…

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