Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

We came from dust and we will go back to dust but the unexpected death of our daddy, brother, uncle, grandpa, Most Rev. Hon. Thompson Nyame has brought sadness, worrying and pains in our heart, Father, why so soon but nothing we can do, only God knows why.

Former NDC Chairman and Assembly Member for Amenfi Central Constituency and Wassa Sraha, Ayiem, Juabo Electoral Areas  respectively.

In the past years where Wassa Sraha, Ayiem and Juabo electoral areas used to have the same Assembly member, he has been always elected  into office as Assembly member and ruled for several years in those mentioned traditional areas.

Hon. Thompson indeed has contributed a lot, been it social, political and economic development of Wassa Sraha, Ayiem, Juabo and it’s environs. For instance, during his tenure of office that we have electricity, some portable water and other infrastructure development within Wassa Juabo and it’s environs.

The sadden death of our Daddy happened this  morning (Tuesday, 3rd March, 2020)  after he went to blessed someone’s marriage and came back yesterday evening. Our condolences to the entire family and may the Majestic God and His Angels welcome you in peace and protect you where you are now until thy kingdom come.

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