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Tracey Boakye And Mzbel Alleged Conversation

An alleged telephone conversation between Mzbel and Tracey has been released on social media to ignite the dead conversation around their amorous relationship with John Dramani Mahama.

Months back, the conversation around John Dramani Mahama’s relationship with Mzbel and Tracey Boakye which tarnished the image of the former President of Ghana in similar fashion was released.

However, the NDC was able to recover from the taint the scandal brought and matter died but the audio which has since gone viral has brought back the conversation.

In the audio, Tracey Boakye is heard warning Mzbel on her dealings with the former President of Ghana.

Mzbel who seemed matured about the issues was quiet as Tracey Boakye went on ranting about how she has access to John Mahama’s phone and reads the exchange of messages between him and Mzbel.

She said in one of the messages, Mzbel said she wanted to sleep with Mahama too since others have had the opportunity to sleep with him.

This audio will be damning to the campaign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that has worked hard at convincing Ghanaians to vote them back to government.

Listen To The Audio Below.

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