Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Serwah (not her real name) is a distressed university student who has spoken out against a lecturer who, despite sleeping with her, continued to track her in a course against their agreement.

The students then leaked their private conversations to shame the scumbag Lecturer, only known as Mr. Abdul, who wanted to have another round of sexual intercourse with the unfortunate student.

Serwah not only cursed him in the recorded chats but vowed never to forgive him and begged that his daughters suffer the same fate at the hands of their lecturers.

“I don’t think you deserve it all.” Stop acting in this way. I’ve come to see you solely to beg your forgiveness. As the irate lady insulted out of pain, Mr. Abdul, the lecturer, pleaded in the discussion, “Not nice to sound this way.”

This comes at a time when West Africa is debating a documentary on sex for grades in Ghana and Nigeria, with a focus on the two countries’ leading public universities, the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos.

Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, Prof. Ransford Gyampo, and Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu of Ghana and Nigeria, respectively, were among the teachers featured in the documentary, which premiered in October 7, 2019.

below are screenshots of their chat;


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