Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Look around you well, what do you see? Don’t tell me I see nothing. Haha! Just like sailors on the sea, the ubiquitous of the ocean and so are you engulfed with opportunities. Life after school holds no formula nor equation like the X+Y = 50 we did in mathematics. It is full of surprises such that though it has no formula but everyone who succeeds has a formula that worked for him.

It is therefore not a binding rule for you to stick to others’ rule for your success but an opportunity for you to work on yours. So get up! Be so optimistic that your vision will work and your dreams are achievable. Rise up from your weakness, wake up from your sleep, channel your energy through a new thought from your failure and I know things will work. Opportunity has no label, opportunity is blind and it is said, ‘opportunity comes, but once’.

Nevertheless, I tell you, ‘opportunity comes many times, but to those prepared for it’. For example, there were numerous advert for Truck Operators but here is the case this friend of mine read Early Childhood Education in the university, no matter the number of times the vacancy for Truck Operators came, he could never take that chance. Sometimes there is abundance opportunity but scares skilled persons and other times, TIME and INFORMATION makes us miss beautiful opportunities because I repeat opportunities carry no label.

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