Authenticity Is Our Hallmark has
stumbled on a video going viral on social media which reveals a married
couple fighting in public amid Coronavirus lockdown.

Apparently, the man who is not lockdown at home has nothing doing but to user her wife as her work after taking her breakfast.

The woman came out of her room crying out for help after claiming she
can’t take it anymore as her husband is knacking her countless times.

This led to a huge argument that created a scene as the woman and the
man could be heard shouting at each other on top of the voices.

 The woman was captured in the video running to take cover from a
neighbor but the persistent husband pursued her giving onlookers a drama
to behold.

 She narrated her ordeal to residents in the area who pleaded with the
man to calm down and go back home but he turned deaf ears to them as he
tried carrying his wife back to their home.

 Watch the video below;

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Woman run to her neighbors for cover after being knacked several times by her husband.

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