Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Lydia Forson

Opinionated and loudmouth actress Lydia Forson may have gotten herself in trouble after she decided to take a reasonable swipe at the ruling New Patriotic Party.She is being threatened!The threats follow after Lydia criticized the Party for their moves geared towards the opening to the International Airports last Sunday.She Tweeted;

Why are people having to pay $150 dollars for another test at the airport, when they’re already required to test 72hrs before departure and show a certificate before boarding?!! My comrades from 2014-2016 where are you? Wake up, it’s time to start speaking up ?!! There’s too much we can’t be quiet about anymore!!!I’ve had to be careful about the things I say for so long because of things I’ve suffered silently, but come on is GHANA not for all of us?! !”

From all angles, her outburst did not sit well with some people on her page and one of them responded.Threatening her that she would not leave to tell all her stories.Screenshot

Check The Screenshot.

It can be remembered that this is not the first time Lydia is on some die-hard fan of the NPP for speaking her mind.

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