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An unidentified young man has been busted for allegedly attempting to take the life of his friend in the most cunning way that would have left no evidence of murder.

A jaw-dropping video making the rounds on social media suggests that the man in question tried to poison his own friend for reasons unknown yet.

The incident happened at an eatery in Nigeria where the man and his friend had gone to get food and drinks.

Reports indicate that the man allegedly laced his friend’s bottle of Coca Cola with a substance believed to be toxic moments after he had left the table to use the bathroom.

However, luck eluded him as he was seen by another customer patronising the restaurant, who immediately stepped in to thwart his evil and wicked plan.

In the viral video, the suspected assassin, who sat on the floor, was shown begging for forgiveness from his apprehenders after he was forced to taste his own medicine.

This development comes a few days after Nigerian Tiktoker Oscar was reportedly poisoned to death by a yet identified friend.

It was the second poison attack on his life. He is said to have died on Monday, May 23, in Asaba, Delta State.

Oscar’s death has left many people with some good lessons to be learnt.

This newly emerged video should surely cement your decision not to trust anyone.

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