Authenticity Is Our Hallmark

Kweku Frimpong is a middle-aged man who has been selling coconut for the past 29 years, he shared with SVTV Africa how he acquired property for his children at Agona Mankron.

In a chat with SVTV Africa, Mr Frimpong indicated that he travelled to Tema and started the business in 1992.

The father of four added that he needed to build a home for his family to avoid being ejected after his death.

You know with Akyem and Asantes, we inherit from our maternal side which means my nephew will be my heir. That is why I built the home for my children in my wife’s hometown so they won’t have any issue with my extended family,” he said.

Regardless, Mr Frimpong hopes to build or get some property for his heirs as well.

“I have planned to also do something in my hometown for my family too. Because after my death, confusion may set in and I wouldn’t want to have my children fight over the property with my family,” he said.

Speaking on the success he has chalked up in the business, he revealed that it was due to diligence and hard work.

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